Mississippi Energy Information System

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Welcome to the Mississippi Energy Information System (MEIS), a product of the Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute (MMRI) at the University of Mississippi. This site is designed to provide access to data and information about Mississippi’s energy resources. The data and information on this site are non-proprietary and consists of two major types; digital well logs and research reports.

The well log data consists of the MMRI collection of well logs and well log data from the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board. The MMRI well log collection was made possible by the generous support of Julius Ridgway, who was instrumental in acquiring the collections of several retired petroleum geologists in Mississippi. Mr. Ridgway’s financial support has helped in the creation of the digital archive of well data. This data archive includes the Marvin Oxley collection. The well log data from the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board was provided to promote energy related research in Mississippi.

The data provided on this site is provided free as a service to researchers, geologists, energy companies, and others interested in Mississippi’s energy resources. This information is provided as is, with no guarantees as to its accuracy and validity. You must register with this site and you will be emailed login information that will allow you to access all information.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Greg Easson, Director of the Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute.